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SignalGeneriX project for the Lloyd’s List Global Awards 2014


LYNCEUS has been shortlisted for the Lloyd‘s List Global Awards 2014 in the Innovation section. The award ceremony will take place at the Lancaster Hotel, London on Tuesday 30 September 2014.

For the Innovation Award, judges searched for entries that demonstrate strategic changes and improvements to business operations over the past 12 months that helped push forward the competitive advantage of a company or organisation. They considered entries that demonstrate specific examples of successful financial innovation or even specific financial products that offer the industry a new way of dealing with tough market conditions.

This category also recognizes new ideas, ship designs, equipment and services that have shown to be, or hold the promise of, offering shipping a distinct application for business improvement. Whether in safety, environment or operational efficiency, the award is made to the technology solution that the judges believe demonstrates the innovation needed to move shipping forward.

The technical manager of LYNCEUS and Head of Communications and Wireless Sensors of SignalGeneriX Dr Antonis Kalis stated: ‘It is great that our work has been recognized at the top level of innovation in the global shipping industry. Lynceus innovative technologies present a promising solution to save evacuation and as the technical leaders of the project we are delighted that this is acknowledged by the Lloyd’s List awards’.

Dr. Antonis Kalis, Lynceus technical manager and the director of SignalGeneriX Dr. Kounoudes will attend the Lloyd‘s List Global Awards 2014.

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