SignalGeneriX Unmanned Aerial Vehicle presented at European Robotics Week - Signalgenerix

SignalGeneriX Unmanned Aerial Vehicle presented at European Robotics Week


SignalGeneriX in collaboration with Cypriot company Helicas Robotics has developed a unique waterproof UAV for supporting its R&D operations. The fully autonomous drone which land on water provide a versatile platform to SignalGeneriX for electronics, sensors and communication prototypes testing and evaluation. The Quadcopter UAV is specifically designed and constructed using carbon fibre to provide extreme flight autonomy and weight lift for supporting the company’s operations.

SignalGeneriX Chief Technical Officer Kyriacos Michaelides stated “We are extremely happy that now our R&D infrastructure includes an autonomous flying sensor platform able to operate for extended time in multiple environmental conditions. Our drone is today used to test and evaluate our new technologies which include among others, surface radars, antennas and communication processes, image processing algorithms and many more”.

The company’s CEO Dr Tasos Kounoudes commended on the collaboration with Helicas Robotics: “At SignalGeneriX we are happy that the collaboration with a dynamic Cypriot startup produced such a high quality of technology. We are currently using the drone for our R&D activities and planning to commercially explore the technologies in a joint venture with Helicas Robotics in the near future”.

The director of Helicas Robotics Mr Arestis Vrontis stated “We are delighted about our collaboration with SignalGeneriX. Our UAV is now enhanced with innovative electronics and robust secure communication systems developed in collaboration with SignalGeneriX. We highly rate our collaboration and we are looking forward to joining forces for the development of new autonomous unmanned vehicle products”.

Watch a demonstration flight of the UAV here.

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