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Global Recognition for SignalGeneriX technologies


SignalGeneriX is proud to announce that the LYNCEUS project picked up the prestigious Innovation Award in the presence of over 500 shipping professionals from across the world gathered in London for the annual Lloyd’s List Global Awards 2014 on September 30. SignalGeneriX is the technical director of this European project which includes enterprises and research organisations from eight European countries.

This coveted innovation award recognizes new ideas, ship designs, equipment, or services that offer a distinct application for business improvements. Whether in safety, environment, or operational efficiency, the award is made to the technology solution that the judges believe demonstrates the innovation needed to move shipping forward.

The EU-funded LYNCEUS project was unanimously selected by the judging panel for its commitment to improve the safety of passengers at sea by using wireless technology. The three-year program, due to conclude in 2015, is focused on the development of innovative technology that will locate and track people in danger on board ships in emergency situations. The system delivered by the project uses a combination of ultra-low-power wireless body-area-network technology and lifejacket-mounted reflectors tracked by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). This technology enables the swift location and rescue of people in danger, either on board or in the water.

SignalGeneriX CEO, Dr Tasos Kounoudes, who received the award during the ceremony in London commented: “Winning the LLoyds List Global Innovation Award is really great news for the Lynceus team but also for SignalGeneriX which is coordinating all the research and innovation activities. It demonstrates our company’s commitment to top level R&D for delivering solutions to the industry and strengthening our position as an innovative high-tech company.”

Project Lynceus which was featured at the Euronews Futuris documentary has also caught the attention of CNN who are planning a documentary about the project, due to air in December.

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