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Work with us

We are open in any form of collaboration relevant to our field of operation and expertise for establishing successful business partnerships. We offer a wide range of services and innovative technologies which can provide to our clients significant cost benefits and competitive advantage.


Research & Development

Our R&D is at the core of our operations and our identity as a technology company. Our R&D unit is focused on the development of emerging technology solutions for various industries, taking in high consideration their Economic and Social impact. We are assisting our clients to conduct frontier research on applied DSP and Communications topics and to exploit National and EU funding opportunities.


Electronic Product Development Services

With an aptitude for innovation and by investigating our client needs to inspire great electronic product ideas, we design, develop and manufacture innovative electronic products and contribute to your business success. Our 15 years of established experience and expertise, along with our R&D capacity and production facilities, allow us to supply to our customers reliable and innovative products or systems in compliance with the initial requirements and the highest industrial quality standards.


Smart Systems Integration & Tendering

We establish close collaborations with international technology providers and vendors for delivering large-scale integrated complex smart systems and solutions through public procurement. We are working closely with our partners and associates to integrate smart systems for a wide range of industries worldwide.



Technology Exploitation

We establish strong collaborations for exploiting of SignalGeneriX innovations through IPR transfer, licensing or startup creation. We establish strong collaborations for exploitation of SignalGeneriX innovations through IPR transfer, licensing or start-up creation.  We have a strong portfolio of IPR assets which is exploited by our clients and partners in their innovative products.


Joint Venture Development

We develop partnerships with international technology companies and individuals to develop new business opportunities and reach new markets by exploiting EU and Cyprus Incentives & Opportunities.

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  • Established Experience
  • Fast track to Innovation
  • Complete Set of Services
  • Quality control
  • Complete product delivery

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  • Your new IPR
  • Your safety
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