“SignalGeneriX Takes Lead in iFURTHER Project to Fortify EU Defense Against Emerging Threats” – Signalgenerix

“SignalGeneriX Takes Lead in iFURTHER Project to Fortify EU Defense Against Emerging Threats”


Leading European technology company SignalGeneriX, is set to  play a pivotal role in the iFURTHER project, an initiative aiming at bolstering the European Union’s defense capabilities against emerging military threats. With a commitment of 10.95 million Euros, SignalGeneriX is contributing to the development of a disruptive and forward-thinking very early warning system designed to safeguard the EU against hypersonic and ballistic threats.

The iFURTHER project envisions a cognitive network of high-frequency radars, a collaborative effort involving 18 partners from 10 countries, including 4 industrials, 7 RTOs, and 5 SMEs, each bringing their expertise to the table. This innovative approach will revolutionize wide area air and sea covert surveillance through over-the-horizon radar technology. By using reflections of skywave and surface-wave propagated signals, iFURTHER aims to detect and track air and sea targets at long ranges, surpassing the capabilities of existing systems. Moreover, it plans to fill coverage gaps and extend the EU’s radar reach by implementing a multistatic sensor configuration supported by advanced network protocols and infrastructure for synchronization and coordination. The project will also incorporate cognitive radar management systems and advanced signal processing techniques to optimize operational parameters in real time, adapting to changing environmental conditions and enhancing target localization capabilities. Furthermore, iFURTHER seeks to utilize non-cooperative illumination and apply cognitive features at the network level, ushering in new techniques for optimized use of the electromagnetic spectrum and passive processing. In summary, SignalGeneriX’s significant contribution to the iFURTHER project demonstrates the company’s dedication to innovation and its commitment to enhancing European defense capabilities against evolving threats, marking a significant step toward a more secure future for the EU.


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