SignalGeneriX innovative antenna in an AMR Concentrator ready to be deployed in Spain – Signalgenerix

SignalGeneriX innovative antenna in an AMR Concentrator ready to be deployed in Spain


In the framework of EFFINET project an AMR concentrator prototype (efficon) has been designed in collaboration with Aquaology and Gemalto M2M. SignalGenerix has worked in an optimized antenna design (internal and external) to ensure good coverage at any installation point. Gemalto has provided the communication module and the facilities to test the equipment performance. A first prototype has been industrialized by Aqualogy and it is now ready to be deployed on pilot site. New AMR device will be tested in Limassol (Cyprus) pilot.

Efficon is an ultra-low power advanced device, with high performance on 2G/3G mobile network and high security features. It will be able to read the information provided by water meters from different manufacturers and send these data to the central database. Concentrator will deploy: configuring and communicating with meters, receiving the data from the meters, storing it if necessary, and using the communication module to transmit the information to the Information Service. The device jas been designed to be used in different environments without problems, indoor and outdoor.

SignalGeneriX succesfully delivered a five-band printed circuit board antenna (shown below) capable of optimally radiating in all GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and CDMA as well in the new UMTS/WCDMA (3G) and HSPA(3.5G) 2100MHz network bands. . The antenna is printed so that the cost of manufacturing is minimal, with no external components needed for its operation. and is computationally efficient.

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