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SignalGeneriX’s CEO interviewed by “The Washington Times”


SignalGeneriX CEO Dr. Tasos Kounoudes, was interviewed by Mr. Marios Tsokkos about Business and Investment for the “Washington Times” Magazine, organized by Mercury Global Reports.

Dr. Tasos Kounoudes believes that it is the proper time for SignalGeneriX to expand to the most technologically advanced market, the U.S.: “There are many challenges in doing business in the U.S. mainly because the market is very sophisticated and highly competitive. However, we believe that we possess the necessary experience and innovative technologies that will enable us to add value to USA clients’ operations” he said.

The Report “Cyprus Special 60” for The Washington Times produced for the celebration of the country’s 60 years of independence since 1960 and 60 years of diplomatic relations with the United States in 2020.

More information at the link here.

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