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SignalGeneriX Innovation Challenge awards a 50K€ product development contract to the winning team


On December the 11th, the SignalGeneriX Innovation Challenge 2020 was concluded with the finalist Pitching event. The five teams had the opportunity to pitch their start-up ideas and demonstrate their technologies to a panel of expert judges live at SignalGeneriX premises in Limassol.

The winner and the finalists are:

  • The winning team DoggoTag, which proposed an innovative LoRa based on animal tracking and behavior monitoring system, received a 50K€ product development contract with SignalGeneriX.

The second team Simlead, which proposed iWash, an innovative hand wash system utilising soap and ultraviolet technologies received a 1000€ cash price.

The runner-up teams EyeWheel, Innovative Health Solutions and SmartEye, each received a 500€ cash price.

EyeWheel proposed an AI enabled blind stick for enhanced situational awareness.

Innovative Healthcare Solutions proposed an innovative system for dental health assessment.

SmartEye proposed an eye tracking system for wheel chair steering.

The expert judge panel was composed by:

The Chief Scientist for Research and Innovation of Cyprus Dr. Nicolas Mastroyiannopoulos, the vice charwoman of the Research and Innovation Foundation and president of Startup Cyprus Ms. Stavriana Kofteros, the founder and manager of Gravity Ventures technology incubator Dr. Panagiotis Philimis, the CEO of Map Innovation Ms. Monica Ioannidou Polemitis, the co-founder and chief scientific advisor of SignalGeneriX professor Tony Constantinides and the cofounder and CEO of the company Dr. Tasos Kounoudes.

The representative e of the winning team DoggoTag, Mr. Andronikos Kassianides expressed his gratitude to SignalGeneriX for the award and the opportunity to work with the company for the development and commercialization of DoggoTag.

On behalf of the company Dr. Kounoudes thanked all participants for submitting their ideas and congratulated the winners. He expressed the company’s commitment to supporting young scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs to transform their ideas to great electronic products.

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