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The LOTUS UAV system and its multiple applications for the Greek Armed Forces


The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) sector plays a pivotal role in modern military operations, whether they involve ground, air, naval, or combined forces. Intracom Defense, a leading player in the field, offers a plethora of solutions and products in the realm of UAVs, with a host of potential applications for the Greek Armed Forces.

One of their standout offerings is the LOTUS and RX-3, two Greek UAVs from Intracom Defense proposed for use by the Greek Armed Forces. On September 28th, an intriguing conference was held at the War Museum of Athens, focusing on information collection, targeting, and recognition operations through integrated command and control networks. Intracom Defense’s speakers stood out by providing a comprehensive overview of the operational capabilities of LOTUS,  and the broader trends in tactical communications and modern network-centric warfare.

The Low Observable Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (LOTUS), which was developed in cooperation with the Cyprus based company, SignalGeneriX, aims to become a European, low-observable, reliable, and interoperable tactical UAV, with enhanced survivability and advanced autonomy.

The LOTUS development project has received funding from the European Union’s European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) and is supported by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Greece (Project Manager) and Cyprus. The consortium for this project consists of 11 partners from 4 EU countries, with Intracom Defense as the coordinator.

Intracom Defense’s LOTUS represents a cutting-edge solution in the ever-evolving landscape of UAVs, meeting the demands of modern warfare and enhancing the capabilities of the Greek Armed Forces.

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