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SignalGeneriX developed a multi tool for military applications


During the international land defence exhibition EUROSATORY 2022 held in Paris, the public was introduced for the first time to the first fully integrated defense product developed by a company from the Republic of Cyprus.

This pioneering product is the RFHUNTER®, created by SignalGeneriX, an 18-year-old company specializing in electronic design and production for both civilian and defense applications. The RFHUNTER® is a portable radio direction finder system, capable of passive detection and analysis of wireless communications signals (COMINT). Weighing only 7 kilograms, it covers a wide frequency spectrum, offering precise signal direction finding and the ability to monitor multiple communication sources simultaneously. The innovative system, which was developed by the company’s own financial means,  can be deployed in various settings, including as a portable unit carried by an individual, as a static system on a tripod, or even installed on vehicles, making it a versatile tool for military applications, including the detection of drone threats.

SignalGeneriX’s achievement in developing and producing such an advanced defence product highlights its expertise in electronic systems and its commitment to innovation. The RFHUNTER® serves as a testament to the capabilities of the Cyprus-based company and its contribution to the field of defense technology.

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