SignalGeneriX successfully completed TAMIT project – Signalgenerix

SignalGeneriX successfully completed TAMIT project


AI-enabled IoT Smart Water meter technology from SignalGeneriX.

Water consumption can run out of control if it is not regularly metered and issues arising from leaks, empty properties and inappropriate use of water can all affect the quality of water supply to homes and businesses.

Wisense® AMR is an end-to-end smart IoT metering solution which allows water companies and consumers to manage water consumption in real time and facilitate efficient water management
and leakage detection.

The Wisense® AMR combines a wireless AI-enabled, versatile smart water meter add-on device, and a cloud-based water management system, to provide cost effective and easy to use water metering,
management, leakage early alerting and reporting solution for consumers and utilities of all sizes.

Part of the technology development was co-funded by Research and Innovation Foundation through TAMIT project, which has just been successfully concluded. We thank our partners at University of Cyprus for the excellent collaboration and contribution in data privacy technologies and the Water Board of Limassol for providing their infrastructure and support for pilots, testing and evaluation.

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