SignalGeneriX launches a new product - Signalgenerix

SignalGeneriX launches a new product


SignalGeneriX launches Wisense, its innovative remote monitoring platform for real time monitoring and control of wireless sensor networks. The platform which is a result of long-term internal R&D aims to become a widely used remote monitoring and alert tool for a wide range of sensor network technologies. The innovative Wisense wireless sensor network platform developed by SignalGeneriX provides a robust and versatile solution for efficient remote monitoring and control of indoor and outdoor industrial, commercial and environmental applications. The complete integrated end-to-end system includes wireless technology, data logging, Web-based visualisation and data management. Wisense offers a cost-effective and scalable solution that can be easily integrated to monitor excising systems and add value to our customers by significantly reducing operation costs and improving management, production and quality control processes. Main Features

  • Wisense provides robust communication through low-powered wireless sensors nodes. It supports multi-hop, ad-hoc, mesh networking for reliable, scalable self-configuring and self-healing communication suitable for deployments in completely isolated remote locations under extreme environmental conditions.
  • The Wisense gateway and data logger is a highly versatile ultra-compact embedded system which supports the wireless aggregation of the sensor network data, the storage of the data in a local database and the transmission of the data to a secure remote storage server. The Gateway supports various means of communication with the remote server such as GSM, GPRS, 3G, Ethernet or Wifi links and can be easily deployed in indoor or outdoor applications
  • The Wisense DataView Web-platform provides a fully customisable interface to the users for controlling their deployments and accessing their data in real time. The monitoring platform is a web-based application which can be accessed through any PC equipped with a web browser, thus allowing the users to monitor their systems and processes from almost anywhere in the world.
  • The Wisense notifications and alerts feature provides clients with the capability to establish alert thresholds according to desired operation scenarios of sensors and to specify alert notification text messages and emails.

More about the Wisense platform can be found at the product dedicated website

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