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SG new contract on real-time video processing


SignalGeneriX has recently been awarded a new contract in the area of real time video processing for the security and CCTV industry. The Chameleon project will develop novel technology that will revolutionise the way CCTV operators work, introducing cost effective technologies that will enable surveillance using fewer monitors with panoramic views. The main aim of Chameleon is to develop a cost effective, fast-to-deploy, low power and flexible video surveillance system that automatically combines images from multiple cameras with overlapping regions to create a natural seamless panoramic view of the monitored area.

Chameleon is a European project co-funded by the Research Executive Agency under Grant Agreement number 286510, comprising leading technology researchers and SME’s from across 6 European countries. Consortium partners include: Malta Industrial Innovation for SME’s Ltd (Malta),Eointec Solutions Ltd (Ireland), Embedded Wireless GmbH (Germany), Instant Communication Ltd (Ireland), Euroalarm (Czech Republic), SIQR Srl (Italy), SignalGeneriX (Cyprus), Hochschule ULM- University of Applied Science (Germany).

Chameleon provides solutions to the challenges of high power consumption, security operator fatigue, lack of flexibility and deployment and real-time, high quality, panoramic vision. It uses a secure 5GHz wireless LAN connection to transmit real-time stitched images from multiple cameras to a monitoring station. Through lightweight video compression algorithms with low bitrates CHAMELEON can operate on low power.

SignalGeneriX will apply its expertise on video and image processing for the development of advanced image stitching algorithms and also utilize its established experience on FPGA development for the realization of these algorithms on hardware.

For more information: Chameleon project

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