Wisense Ocean product launch at Oi2012 - Signalgenerix

Wisense Ocean product launch at Oi2012


SignalGeneriX announces the successful launch of the Wisense® Ocean remote monitoring platform at Oceanology International 2012. During the exhibition SignalGeneriX in collaboration with ALS Marine (www.alsmarine.gr) and Smart Ocean Technologies demonstrated in real time the capabilities of Wisense® Ocean. Many visitors had the opportunity to witness our product in action, demonstrating real time sensor data from Limassol port which included among others underwater live image streaming.

Oceanology International is the global forum for marine technology & the ocean science community wich attracted around 8000 visitors, gathered all types of oceanic business sectors, from offshore oil and gas to engineering, meteorological and mining and a wide range of products, from buoys to autonomous underwater vehicles

Wisense® Ocean is a complete remote monitoring platform that supports the deployment of low-powered distributed networks of sensors for real time remote monitoring and control of oceanic, environmental, security and military applications. Wisense® Ocean applications can scale to hundreds of sensors deployed both underwater or on sea surface with increased robustness to harsh environmental conditions. The system offers a cost-effective scalable solution which can be easily integrated to monitor existing systems and processes. Wisense® Ocean supports a wide range of existing analogue and digital sensors and is used to measure an almost unlimited amount of oceanic and environmental parameters. Wisense® Ocean consists of four subsystems; namely the Wisense® Data Buoy, the Secure Remote Data Storage Server, the DataView Remote Monitoring Web-platform and the Automatic Notification and Alert system. Smart Ocean Technologies provides the Wisense® Data Buoy as a base buoy with various enhanced and customized versions for specific applications.

Download the Wisense® Ocean Brochure here.

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