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SignalGeneriX organized the IoT innovation Challenge


The period September 16 2015 to October 13 2015, SignalGeneriX organized in cooperation with the Founder institute CY, the Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation challenge. The challenge was addressed to passionate prospective new entrepreneurs with a disruptive mindset to create an innovative IoT solution. The award was 50.000 euro in services and cash to build a new Startup venture.

SignalGeneriX received 15 proposals, from 8 different countries. The team “Skydivers Ninja” won the challenge, for its business plan to create an innovative mobile device for skydivers. By using this device, the skydivers can perceive in real time their exact location in the 3D space and in addition, it can collect information both from the skydiver and its environment for training optimization.

More information about the IoT challenge can be found:here

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