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SignalGeneriX Award


SignalGeneriX for a fourth consecutive year acknowledges excellence among final year students of University of Cyprus by sponsoring the ‘SignalGeneriX best final year award’.

The award is given to top performing students of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Cyprus. The aim of the sponsorship is to bring students closed to industrial high-tech research, and inspire them to pursue careers in engineering, science and technology.

The receivers of the SignalGeneriX awards for 2010 were Mr Andreas Pantelis And Mr Andreas Prodromou from the Electrical and Computer Engineering department.

Professor George Ellinas expressed the appreciation of the department for SignalGeneriX continuous support to Electrical and Electronic Engineers graduates. The company’s product manager Mr Marios Milis congratulated the winners of the award for their excellent performance and expressed SignalGeneriX is commitment in supporting academic R&D activities.

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