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Medical innovation – Coming together from all over Europe through “Essence2020”


Modern medicine and advance health care cannot be reachable in all parts of the world, or certain groups of people. This is the reason why, a cutting edge program called “Essence 2020” was developed.  The “Essence2020”project focuses on the development and large-scale testing of groundbreaking medical technologies, digital tools, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics. These cutting-edge solutions are aimed at enhancing care for vulnerable populations, including non- or pre-frail senior citizens and young children in their early years of primary school.

The Essence2020 first coordinating meeting, hosted by Cypriot company SignalGeneriX, was held in Limassol on October 13 and 14. This gathering brought together a network of exceptional partners from across Europe, all dedicated to the common goal of advancing healthcare through innovation.

This two-day event was conducted in a blended modality, showcasing the partners commitment in adapting and embracing innovative approaches,  reflecting the spirit of collaboration and determination that drives “Essence2020”,  Through the convergence of expertise and technology, the partners are focused on making a substantial impact on healthcare, ensuring that the most vulnerable among us receive the care and support they deserve.

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