TAMIT – Signalgenerix

Novel Trustworthy automatic metering IoT solution for Smart cities applications (TAMIT)

Project Overview

TAMIT project aims to significantly improve current technologies developed by SignalGeneriX (US patent pending) and introduce additional novel technologies, so as to develop a new product able to disrupt with its innovations the smart water management market and beyond. Some of the innovative technologies and components that will be included in the TAMIT product are: 1) A novel low-powered, low-cost, universal automatic water metering add-on device that can provide water consumption readings in real-time and communicate these to the cloud 2) Innovative signal processing algorithms and processes embedded in the device to provide robust water metering readings 3) A cloud-based platform able to store a vast number of water meter readings and provide water management interfaces and visualisation to utilities and consumers 4) Innovative water utility big data analytics algorithms and processes for intelligent water management embedded in the cloud platform 5) Innovative algorithms and AI based processes for data privacy vulnerability management 6) Robust water leakage detection and early alerting processes 7) A mobile platform and application for enabling personalized water management.

Partners Involved

  • SignalGeneriX Ltd
  • Water Board of Lemesos
  • University of Cyprus

For more information you can visit the project’s dedicated website: http://www.tamit.signalgenerix.com/index.php

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Cyprus Research & Technology Foundation (‘RESTART 2016-2020’ Program) (Grant No. ENTERPRISES/0618/0027).