LOTUS – Signalgenerix

Development of a low-observable tactical RPAS with the capability to provide near real time information and with modern self-protection



Project overview

The LOTUS project will address feasibility, detailed design, prototyping and testing of a low-observable, airworthy and interoperable tactical RPAS system, targeted at ISR missions. The development will include: a mothership TRPAS equipped with ISR sensors, designed for low observability and high endurance, incorporating a self-protection system against enemy threats; a system of tube-launched, foldable-wing drones, deployable from the mothership, while this later remains at a safe distance; on-board sensor data processing capabilities for target detection, recognition, identification and classification; and a ground station.

Partners involved

  • Intracom Defense Single Member S.A. (Greece)
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)
  • CFT Carbon Fiber Technologies (Greece)
  • CY.R.I.C Cyprus Research and Innovation Center Ltd (Cyprus)
  • Embention (Spain)
  • Hellenic Air Force Telecommunications - Electronics Means Plant (Greece)
  • SignalGeneriX Ltd (Cyprus)
  • Altus Lsa Commercial And Manufacturing S.a. (Greece)
  • University of Patras (Greece)
  • Geoimaging Ltd (Cyprus)
  • Rhea (Netherlands)

You can download the LOTUS factsheet here.

This project has received funding from the European Defense Industrial Development Program (EDIDP) under the grant agreement EDIDP-ISR-TRPAS-2019-30-LOTUS