FUPLEX – Signalgenerix

Full-Duplex Radio for LTE Communication Systems (FUPLEX)

Project Overview

FUPLEX will develop a strong collaboration between the Cypriot and Israeli partners in the area of wireless communications by creating an innovative Full-Duplex (FD) transceiver based on the design of an FD repeater for the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard. This FD transceiver will be the final result of the project and will be fully commercialized by the two industry partners.

With the FD radio technology, a two-way communication or a relaying transmission can be performed in one single channel; this means that FD releases almost half of the available bandwidth/resources for other applications and services. The FD radio transmission paradigm enables a more flexible use of the spectrum and seems to be a critical technology for the upcoming 5G communication systems. Most of the existing work in the literature deal with either the practical mitigation of loopback interference (LI) or the theoretical analysis of FD-based communication systems; however, these two aspects are mainly studied separately with an obvious gap between theoretical and implementation studies.

The FUPLEX project aims to bring together experts with complementary background in wireless communication systems in order to close the above gap and provide a complete FD radio study. Specifically, the main target is to develop a proof-of-concept of an FD transceiver based on the design of an FD repeater for the LTE standard. The proposed repeater incorporates sophisticated signal processing techniques (echo-cancellation) and novel antenna designs in order to fully mitigate the potential debilitating effects of LI.

Partners Involved

  • University of Cyprus (Cyprus)
  • SignalGeneriX Ltd (Cyprus)
  • Rio Systems LTD (Israel)