FIREALERT – Signalgenerix

Obstacle Detection System under Power Transmission Lines (FIREALERT)

Project Overview

FIREALERT project proposes an innovative solution to the problem of the detection of vegetation below transmission lines using wireless sensor network technology. Each tower is equipped with a wireless transceiver and a specialized antenna. When the line of sight (LOS) between two adjacent transceivers is intercepted, or an obstacle appears inside the Fresnel zone (e.g., due to a growing branch), a drop in the received power is detected by the receiver sensor. The information is correlated with other sensory information (e.g., weather conditions) in order to avoid possible false alarms and allow the receiver to reliably detect the obstacle.

Partners Involved

  • SignalGeneriX Ltd
  • Cyprus University of Technology
This project is co-funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation under the Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Innovation 2009-2010.