EFFINET – Signalgenerix

Efficient Integrated Real-time Monitoring and Control of Drinking Water Networks (EFFINET)

Project Overview

This project addresses three main management problems in urban water system: optimal operational control, real-time monitoring and demand forecasting/management. Real-time optimal control deals with operating the main flow and pressure actuators to meet demands using the most sustainable sources and minimizing electricity costs and is tackled using stochastic model predictive control techniques. Real-time monitoring of water quantity and quality refers to the continuous detection and location of leakage and or water quality problems. It uses fault detection and diagnosis techniques. Demand forecasting and management is based on smart metering techniques and includes detailed modelling of consumption patterns as well as a service of communication to consumers. The project will provide an integrated software platform and two real-life pilot demonstrations in Barcelona (Spain) and Lemesos (Cyprus), respectively.

Partners Involved

  • Aqualogy Aqua Ambiente Servicios Integrales SA (Spain)
  • Cetaqua, Centro Technologigo del Aguq, Fundacion Privada (Spain)
  • Agencia Estatal Consejo superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (Spain)
  • Scuola IMT (Istituzioni, Mercati, Technologie) Alti Studi di Lucca (Italy)
  • University of Cyprus (Cyprus)
  • Sociedad General de Aguas de arcelona S.A. (Spain)
  • Water Board of Lemesos (Cyprus)
  • Cinterion Wireless Modules GMBH (Germany)
  • The Basque Maritime Forum (Spain)
  • Technical University of Dresden (Germany)
  • SignalGeneriX Ltd (Cyprus)

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 318556.