BusFuel – Signalgenerix

Integration of Innovative Green Technologies on Existing Public Transportation Buses for 5% to 30% Full Saving

Project Overview 

The Cyprus public bus-transportation consists of about 2600 buses consuming around 60,000,000 liters/year diesel fuel. Fuel consumption is a major cost for the companies who are struggling to survive through government subsidies. Furthermore, the total diesel fuel consumption by all diesel vehicles/machines in Cyprus is about 530,000,000 liters/year (data of 2014). In addition, the massive use of diesel fuel causes environmental pollution with all it’s negative effects on the standard of leaving of the society (poor air quality, health problems, etc.). The aim of the project is to alleviate the problem by reducing the buses’ fuel consumption by 5-30% and reductions (>20%) in exhaust gas-emissions (Particulates, Unburned Hydrocarbons (UH), CO2, CO, NOx). The only possible way to achieve this aim is by increasing the existing buses’ engine efficiency via integration of an innovative green technology namely, a HHO gas generator. The HHO generators use electric energy from the vehicle’s battery to electrolyze water (H2O) and produce HHO gas, which is a stoichiometric active mixture of hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2).

Partners Involved

  • RTD Talos Ltd
  • SignalGeneriΧ Ltd
  • Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism
  • Inomob Ltd
  • Hystore Tech Limited
  • Frederick Research Center
  • Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority


The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Cyprus Research & Technology Foundation (‘RESTART 2016-2020’ Program) (Grant No. INTEGRATED/0916/0031.