Security Systems Research Unit


Enhancing Security and Privacy in the Social web: a user-centered approach for the protection of minors


ENCASE will bring together experts from industry and academia that specialize in inter-disciplinary research areas. ENCASE’s main focus is the empowerment of minors or their adult supervisors with browser extensions that unveil malicious social web information or online actors and enable users to easily protect their sensitive content from unwarranted access by unscrupulous OSN users. All efforts and funding will be focused towards this end.

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An Innovative People Localization System for Safe Evacuation of Large Passenger Ships


Maritime disasters in recent years are a stark reminder of the imperative need for timely and effective evacuation of large passenger ships during emergency. The Lynceus2Market project addresses this challenge through delivering a revolutionary operational system for safe evacuation based on innovative people localisation technologies.

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People Localization for Safe Ship Evacuation During Emergency


A large number of studies and investigations have been carried out the last few years following casualties involving ships. These studies identified the need to improve the evacuation, mustering and abandoning procedures, especially on passenger ships, as these are getting larger and larger; with some cruise ships reaching the capacity of more than 6000 people onboard. An essential stage in the above procedures is the counting and accounting for all persons onboard

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Development of a Novel Automated Monitoring System for Sea Border Security using Thermal Imaging and Sonar Technologies


The SEABORDER project investigates the development of a coastline sensor network to provide continuous and wide area intruder detection and localization. The system will process and centralize information in a way that is fully in line with the European vision of border security and the national strategic plan for coastal monitoring and control.

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A Cost-Effective, Fast-to-Deploy, Low-Power and Flexible Video Surveillance System


“The European Union today faces security challenges entirely different from those at the time of its inception” (ESRIA). An alarming rise in crime rates, vandalism on private and public property, terrorist threats and border crimes, riots and natural hazards have conditioned the world to become more security conscious. Currently these are among the top priority agendas in the European Parliament.

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Secure Private Cellular Communication System


The aim of SECURICOM is to develop a very powerful, yet simple to integrate voice encryption hardware add-on to mobile phones which will provide mobile phone users with true privacy in their telephone conversations. The innovative low-cost solution will be able to convert, using powerful DSP algorithms (IP of SignalGeneriX), any simple cellular phone to a high tech encryption device comparable with other much more expensive and complicated ones.

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Multimodal Biometric Security System


The main aim of POLYBIO project is the design and implementation of a multi-modal biometric system that will offer users enhanced security in physical or remote access. The human biometric characteristic as opposed to PINS, cards or codes, constitute the absolute means for secure user identification that prohibits impostors from abusive usage of the system. The consortium will design and implement the appropriate technologies based

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