Seismic Safety and Vulerability Mitigation of School Buildings


Project Overview
After the three earthquakes that occurred in 1995, 1996, and 1999, the Cypriot Goverment has decided the seismic retrofitting of all school buildings, taking into account the sensitivity of the society towards these structures which house the future generation of the society. Any loss of life due to their seismic vulnerability will have unbearable consequences.
The SCHOOLS program: a) proposes a methodology for examining the effectiveness of retrofitting in increasing the seismic safety and reducing the vulnerability of schools, b) uses in-situ measurements for the updating of mathematical models of structures and c) proposes a methodology for rational decision making for future strengthening, taking into account economic and technical factors.

Partners Involved
  • Cyprus University of Technology
  • SignalGeneriX Ltd
  • Technical Services Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus

  This project is co-funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation under the Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Innovation 2009-2010.