The CEO of SignalGeneriX receives the "Cyprus Quality Leader of the Year 2014"

The CEO of SignalGeneriX, Dr. Anastasis Kounoudes, received the “Cyprus Quality Leader of the Year 2014” from the Cyprus Association for Quality. The award was handed over to Dr. Kounoudi by the president of the Cyprus Quality Association Mr. Andreas Ioannides in the ceremony held on July 2, 2015.

The Cyprus Association for Quality, as the national representative of the European Organization for Quality, organized for the third time the “Cyprus Quality Leader of the Year”. The award is given to a senior or senior executive business or organization in the private or public sector which operates in Cyprus and that promote, presumably, Quality in business or the organization.

The Cyprus Association for Quality gave in public the congratulations to Dr. Kounoudes for his designation as the “Cyprus Quality Leader of the Year 2014”, as well as to the other executives who participated in the competition.

The press release for "Cyprus Quality Leader of the Year 2014" can be found: here