Message From the Founders


Dr Anastasis Kounoudes, Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Following several decades of international industrial experience and consulting, we founded SignalGeneriX in Cyprus in 2004 with a vision to become leaders in delivering state-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing and Communications solutions. Since then, we have seen the company growing from a high technology start-up to a consistent technology provider serving a wide network of European clients.

We are proud that our company is now ranked by the EU as the top research performing company in Cyprus and also very happy that one of our products has been acknowledged with the prestigious Cyprus Innovation Award. This success gives us additional drive for investment in the development of frontier technologies and new products.

At SignalGeneriX, we are committed to providing our clients with innovative technology and assisting them in every step of the development of novel electronic solutions based on our intellectual property and proven technologies. Our track record for successful electronic product development is evident from more than fifteen marketed products that use our proprietary technologies and intellectual property. Our diversified portfolio of commercial products, patents and trademarks has been creatively used to solve industrial problems for a wide range of industries and market sectors ranging from Communications and Smart Systems to Offshore technologies, Security and Defence.

We are enthusiastic and optimistic about the future growth at SignalGeneriX. Our R&D approach is an engine for innovation, as our high calibre people, our IP portfolio and our proven technologies continue to be an endless source of original product ideas. Our deep research and development capabilities provide us with competitive advantages as we continue our pursuit of beyond the state of the art product development. We are moving ahead with global capabilities, an established approach to innovation, world-class research and development facilities, and a strong team of experienced and dedicated to innovation scientists and engineers.

At SignalGeneriX we are continuously seeking new opportunities and challenges and we look forward to extending our network of customers and business partners targeting the development of innovative Digital Signal Processing and Communications products.


Professor, Anthony G. Constantinides, Founder, Principal Scientific Advisor

The original aim of the company was to capitalise on the extensive research and technology transfer experience of the founders to deliver results to customers at the highest possible technical and research levels. This aim continues to remain unabated as the central core of SignalGeneriX Ltd and after nine years in existence there is extensive evidence from its various business activities to support this. Inevitably, the pivotal framework for such high quality work has always been the equally high quality of scientists and engineers, the life blood of the company, trained at the top European/USA universities.

We are partners with top EU companies, Universities and Research Institutions on a series of research and development activities ranging from small National projects to flagship European Integrated projects as it is clear from the enclosed information.

We are a company which has an open approach to any form of collaboration and if there is any aspect of our work which is of interest to you we would be delighted to hear from you.