Medical Systems Research Unit


Platform for Ultra-Sensitive Point-of-Care Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases


PoC-ID aims to develop new micro- and nanoelectronic-based sensing and integration concepts for advanced miniaturized in vitro diagnostic devices. The project addresses the increasing demand for rapid and sensitive point-of-care diagnostics to reduce healthcare costs and increase the quality of life with a focus on infectious diseases, one of the world’s leading causes of morbidity and death...

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Miniaturized Smart System for Light Stimulation and Monitoring of Wound Healing


MEDILIGHT aims to provide highly miniaturized “photonic band aid” as a wearable, light weight and low cost solution in the professional wound care sector. Target applications are chronic, diabetic, decubitus, and large wounds with two goals: use the proven proliferation of skin tissue for self-healing and the antibacterial effects of the visible light spectrum...

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Highly Integrated Ultra-Low-Power SoC Solution for Unobtrusive and Energy-Efficient Wireless Cardiac Monitoring


New technology consortium was set to change the relationship between patients and doctors through innovative tele-health care solutions. EU, researchers, and industry leaders developed an unobtrusive wireless battery powered ECG monitoring solution for ambulatory use with the ability to analyze the ECG waveform and detect abnormal...

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Smart miniature low-power wireless microsystem for Body Area Networks


WISERBAN, based on Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN), improved the personal sensing capabilities by using miniature, unobtrusive, long-lifetime sensor nodes.WiserBAN developed innovative wearable and implantable radio microsystems which enable concrete exploitation perspectives in a broad range of industrial segments such...

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Unobtrusive wearable human to machine wireless interface


Human to machine interface (HMI) is central for the development of smart electronics, robots, appliances, games and next generation internet, where the classical computer peripherals (mouse, keyboard or joystick) encounter limitations in terms of ease-of-use and user comfort. To be efficient, communication between man and machine has to be...

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A New Bio-Sensor Concept for Medical Diagnosis: Targeted Micro-Bubbles and Remote Ultrasound Transduction


The overall objective of TAMIRUT was to develop an innovative bio-sensor concept devoted to advanced medical diagnosis, in which the biological material is carried by targeted micro-bubbles injected inside the body and the transducer is remote. The remote transducer operates on the basis of the ultrasound response of such micro-bubbles...

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MRI Image Processing for Automated Staging of Prostate Cancer


The project PROSTATIS aimed to design and implement a system for automated staging of prostate cancer using magnetic resonance imaging modalities. Staging of prostate cancer is performed mainly by radiologists and their decision is influenced by the findings on MR images of the prostate and the clinical results. MR images are currently...

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