FPGA Implementations

SignalGeneriX has extensive experience in the implementation of various algorithms and systems on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) using market leading tools and chips from Altera and Xilinx. These can range from low power implementations for battery operated systems (e.g. mobile phones and PDAs) to multi-million gate devices for applications where performance is more important than power consumption, such as telecommunications systems base stations. A design can start from a block diagram description of the system under test and corresponding test-vectors and SignalGeneriX will then implement this design on FPGAs which will then pass the same test vectors. The design flow can be summarised as:


  • Top level system description with test vectors (input-output test sequences that the system must obey)
  • Bitwise optimisation of the design in high-level simulation
  • FPGA implementation of the corresponding bitwise design
  • Optimisation of the FPGA design for power, complexity, speed etc. depending on the customers' application