Telecommunications Research Unit


Full-Duplex Radio for LTE Communication Systems


FUPLEX will develop a strong collaboration between the Cypriot and Israeli partners in the area of wireless communications by creating an innovative Full-Duplex (FD) transceiver based on the design of an FD repeater for the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard. This FD transceiver will be the final result of the project and will be fully commercialized by the two industry partners...

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Efficient Integrated Real-time Monitoring and Control of Drinking Water Networks


This project addressed three main management problems in urban water system: optimal operational control, real-time monitoring and demand forecasting/management. Real-time optimal control deals with operating the main flow and pressure actuators to meet demands using the most sustainable sources and minimizing electricity costs and is tackled using stochastic model predictive control techniques. Real-time monitoring of water quantity...

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Ultra-high Data-rate Wireless Communication


The QSTREAM project addressed all major technical, scientific and technological challenges associated with the successful realization of low-cost, highly-integrated, ultra-high-data-rate streaming applications operating in the mm-wave frequency range. Complete receiver and transmitter ICs (RF and digital baseband) are realized in CMOS technology, in addition to System-in-Package (SiP) implementations enabling mm-wave front-ends containing...

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Reliable Manycore Chips


REMACORE project investigated the design of reliable next-generation manycore chips. The project proposed a resilient system architecture and operation, where both design correctness (HW verification) and fabrication correctness (manufacturing test) were performed dynamically, during the life-time of the chip. A number of self-testing and fault-tolerant design mechanisms were introduced for each...

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Multicasting and group casting with physical layer constraints in metropolitan optical networks with mesh topologies


MULTIOPTI project investigated the problems of routing, grooming, and survivability for transparent optical networks that support unicast, multicast, as well as groupcast applications. In these transparent networks, where the signal stays in the optical domain for the entire path, efficient routing and wavelength assignment of multicast and groupcast connections become extremely important especially...

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Novel wireless sensor nodes with smart antennas


WiseSPOT is a research project aimed to develop a new generation of miniature low-power wireless sensor nodes that utilize advanced smart antenna technology for continuous monitoring, localization and tracking of events in the network environment (i.e, crack detection in large structures, land movements in landslide prediction etc.)...

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Configurable Systems for Mobile Local Communication and Positioning


The key objective of RESOLUTION was the development and testing of a novel wireless positioning system, which is implemented on the basis of common WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). Because of the high three dimensional resolution in the centimetre range and the real-time ability, novel local positioning applications, e.g. for smart factories, robotics, interactive guiding, object tracking and augmented reality are possible leading to an attractive...

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Development of Visual Attention Models Having Embedded Perception based Video CodingKnowledge


OPTOPIISI research project aimed to develop models that combine subconscious and conscious focus of visual attention, for identifying Regions of Interest (ROI) to enable the development of high-performance video compression schemes. These schemes can enable the transmission of acceptable quality video through telecommunications channels of low bandwidth...

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Software Simulation Tool for Optical Telecommunication Networks


The overall objective of OPTISOFT was the design and implementation of a simulation and modeling software tool which aims to the precise designing and analysis of metropolitan optical networks with wavelength multiplexing. The proposed highly specialised software will be based on the results of our research in the development of an integrated simulation methodology of metropolitan optical networks with wavelength multiplexing...

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